2016-02 FoTNP - TNP KnollRd Down the Slope 2The Tamborine Bush Volunteers has commenced the year with a new revegetation project in The Knoll Section of Tamborine National Park.

This dedicated group has been working on Tamborine Mountain for 28 years and has removed introduced weeds from 20 national park plots and replanted with rainforest species. Some plots have taken on the appearance of mature rainforests.

2016-02 FoTNP - TNP KnollRd Down the Slope 1Although the name has served the group well over this long period, it has been decided to “rebadge” the group to more closely represent where the group works and what it stands for. The group will now be known as the Friends of Tamborine National Park. The Friends of Tamborine National Park is keen to show new members what can be achieved in a short time with Tamborine Mountain’s rich volcanic soil and abundance of CO2. If you would like to learn more about this dedicated group or join the next working bee on Saturday 5 March, Contact the TBV Coordinator.

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