1990 TNP McDonald - Track and BridgesThe Tamborine Mt. Volunteers are on the job again helping out John Johnstone’s overstretched National Park staff.  Of course all of us may not be up to carrying big logs, but there are lots of other ways of helping.  Someone has to rake out drains, knock down grass overhanging the tracks, pot new plants for areas where lantana has been cut out.  Yes even picking up beer bottles in Cedar Creek N.P.

'With the volunteers our parks are in a better shape.  Last year new interpretive signs were placed in Joalah, muddy crossings were reconstructed with new bridge decking in McDonald and a new seat placed in Palm Grove, not to mention lots of necessary maintenance.'

The volunteers meet on the first Saturday at 8.00am at Park Headquarters.  All you have to do is turn up, introduce yourself to John and you get a job. How about it?

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