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Blue-tongued Lizard

A favourite visitor to Tamborine Mountain gardens is Tiliqua scincoides, the Common Blue-tongued Lizard or Skink. There are six members of the Tiliqua or Blue-tongued genus in Australia.

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The Surfzone

The surf provides many exciting recreation opportunities, but it is also a very powerful natural phenomenon. Many years ago the distant sound of breaking surf could sometimes even be heard on Tamborine Mountain. This is no longer possible, but from the Mountain we can still see evidence of the surf’s power, when heavy surf throws plumes of salt spray high into the air along the coast.

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White Christmas

Christmas in Australia occurs in midsummer, yet many of our Christmas trappings and traditions relate to frosty midwinter weather and the classic white Christmas. This is not surprising since most Christmas traditions, and most of us, originate from Britain and Europe.

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The largest structures ever created by any species of animal, are not huge human building projects, they are the coral reefs built by generations of millions of tiny coral polyps, and the largest of these reefs is the Great Barrier Reef off the Queensland coast.

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Richmond Birdwing Butterfly

Insects are not usually popular flagship species, but there are exceptions, such as the spectacular Richmond Birdwing Butterfly (Ornithoptera richmondia) which we are fortunate enough to see on Tamborine Mountain.

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Injured Wildlife

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Why does attentiveness to nature matter? In a very fundamental sense, we are what we pay attention to. Paying heed to beauty, grace, and everyday miracles promotes a sense of possibility and coherence that runs deeper and truer than the often illusory commercial, social "realities" advanced by mainstream contemporary culture. ... Our attention is precious, and what we choose to focus it on has enormous consequences. What we choose to look at, and to listen to--these choices change the world. As Thich Nhat Hanh has pointed out, we become the bad television programs that we watch. A society that expends its energies tracking the latest doings of the celebrity couple is fundamentally distinct from one that watches for the first arriving spring migrant birds, or takes a weekend to check out insects in a mountain stream, or looks inside flowers to admire the marvelous ingenuities involved in pollination. The former tends to drag culture down to its lowest commonalities; the latter can lift us up in a sense of unity with all life. The Way of Natural History, edited by Thomas Lowe Fleischner and published by Trinity University Press (Texas)