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2015-04-24 Manitzky ParkA cool sunny April day provided a pleasant easy walk through Manitzky Park. This park is ta the end of Manitzky Road in North Tamborine. The lower section and particularly the creek line is currently being cleared of lantana and other weeds to encourage native re-growth and some native plantings of open cleared areas.  Map




2015-04-06 Manitzky Park2015-04-24 Manitzky ParkThe first thing you may notice is the many Flooded Gum and Sydney Gum Trees. We suspect many of the eastern side gum trees were planted a long time ago as many appear to be in lines. It is often not easy to identify the difference between these species of Eucalyptus but we understand that they flower at different times of the year to each other ??? Mike



The western side of the Park adjoins the Witches Falls Section of the Tamborine Mountain National Park (TMNP) but there is no approved public access from the Park. At the South end of the Park just inside the TMNP boundary is the Witches Falls walking circuit before it zig-zags down a steep slope towards the shelf and viewing platform at another waterfall. We suggest you keep away from trying to enter the TMNP via Manitzky Park as some parts are very steep at the boundary and contain large boulders hidden under extensive soft vegetation mulch and you could disappear or could be seriously injured attempting to walk there.

2015-04-24 Manitzky Park2015-04-24 Manitzky ParkThe ?name? creek had running water and flows into the Witches Falls Section of the TMNP. There is a waterfall where it enters the National Park but access to it is very difficult and we could not reach it.






2015-04-24 Manitzky Park2015-04-24 Manitzky ParkThe current weed clearance along the creek in the Park is a big help stopping seeds and some cuttings regrowth risk of exotic plants washing down to invade the TMNP.




2015-04-24 Manitzky Park2015-04-24 Manitzky ParkWith the proximity of the TMNP there are many large established native trees that will help self-starter native seedling growth here. There is a good deal of native bird activity at this park late into the morning and not just the early morning bird life you may be limited to see in other locations. The birds are constantly flying from the TMNP treeline low across the Park into vegetation across the creek. This includes Satin Bower-birds, Whipbirds, Laurakeets, Pale headed Rosellas and Kookaburras.





2014-10-14 Manitzky Park - access path on western edge of creek2015-04-24 Manitzky ParkLooking at the short time-lapse in the photo galleries here, you can see a strong and extensive growth of old and new plants that shows a good future for success of the native regeneration here. There was also several signs of tiny insects harvesting new growth leaves (Solanum sp.) for food as well as caterpillars and spiders. There was a good variety of native ground cover growth in the cleared and planted areas which helps to control interim weed regrowth and also adds beauty to the new growth areas during their establishment.



2015-04-24 Manitzky Park2015-04-24 Manitzky Park2015-04-24 Manitzky Park < A number of plants were fruiting like the native ginger and cucumber vines.

There was a good deal of debate on identifying the [striped cucumber]] vines and it was decided from reference to the Rainforest Climbing Plants (vine) book to determine that two varities existed here and possibly a third variety. 2015-04-24 Manitzky Park2015-04-24 Manitzky Park2015-04-24 Manitzky Park >


2015-04-24 Manitzky Park < Mike pointed out the soft fern growth.





2015-04-24 Manitzky Park2015-04-24 Manitzky ParkElizabeth also held examples of leaves of the Lantana weed to the native Trema tomentose to show the difficulty of distinguishing them. She noted the Trema tomentose had a more pointed leaf end but most off us generally can easily rely on the smell of a broken leaf to tell the difference with the lantana weed having a distinctive pungent aroma. But if you can learn the visual difference it can save the poor Trema tomentose from loosing its leaves just for our need of identifications.



2015-04-24 Manitzky Park2014-10-14 Manitzky Park  -fungi on fallen logsFungus also can be found here with the fallen log occupiers and independent growers. These little independent ones have a short life and may end up feeding on themselves as they pass on. Also one unfortunately had a shorter life when it disappeared after my standing from getting a close up photo.






2015-04-24 Manitzky Park < There were also good examples of lichens on tree trunks with one palm bole tree hosting lichens and native yam

2015-04-24 Manitzky Park   > This is a very good park for a quiet picnic but please note to protect the native life there and cart your rubbish away. There are no facilities of tables, bins or toilets here and closest nearby facilities are at Witches Falls TMNP entrance area a little south on Main Western Road. 

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