2011 11 02 DicksonPk - PlantOn Wednesday 2 November I led a small group of birdos through John Dickson Conservation Park, a 3.57ha Council park in the Forest Park area of North Tamborine. This park was set aside as a condition of approval of the subdivision of the area in about 1980.

For ten years from 1984 the TM Field Naturalists’ Club worked to convert the open kikuyu paddock into a natural area by planting native plants.  The Club disbanded in the mid-1990s and no work was done in the park till a local   community group began work there again in 2000. 


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Dickson Park has had extensive regeneration work over many years and leads into a small creek that flows to the North-West end of Tamborine Mountain.

The Park is located between the east end of Freemont Drive and the Northern end of Sierra Drive. Parking is best for access at either the South-East corner of the Park on Eastern end of Freemont Drive or at the end of Sierra Drive. There is also a open grass area walk through an easement across Sierra Drive towards Sequoia Drive.

The TM Natural Histpory Assoc. took over in the late 1990s and then Tamborine Mountain Landcare a few years later. For a more detail history see the article at the TMNHA Website. In August 2001 the reserve was officially named the John Dickson Conservation Park in recognition of the foresight and hard work of John Dickson and his industrious group of Field Nats.

WARNING: GPS positioning technology and GPS device quality have accuracy variances so that tracks may appear to stray from the actual location by many metres. This may imply traversal of private properties in suburban areas. It is our policy not to enter private properties without permission and we trust that any tracks indicating same are solely due to those inaccuracies. Any user of these tracks should absolutely refrain from entering private property without permission.

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