2011 09 07 PanoramaPt - ground orchidWe met 7am and headed out towards Panorama Point. Just passed Kinabalu Dr we parked our cars & started our bird walk. Not before long, a great discovery, two nesting Collared Sparrowhawks being annoyed by a female satin bower bird. We stayed a while to watch the Sparrowhawks leave the nest and return again, several times.

We ventured down a side track, where we stopped to hear a mimicking Albert’s Lyrebird, anddiscovered Yellow ground Diuris orchid - D.aurea



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Map Panorama Point

Start near the intersection of Wongawallan Road and Kinabulu Drive to head down North East along Wongawallan Road. When you reach the Eagle Heights Conservation area sign you will see a gate to the left with a track that soon leads to a lookout over grown through the trees to the East.

WARNING: GPS positioning technology and GPS device quality have accuracy variances so that tracks may appear to stray from the actual location by many metres. This may imply traversal of private properties in suburban areas. It is our policy not to enter private properties without permission and we trust that any tracks indicating same are solely due to those inaccuracies. Any user of these tracks should absolutely refrain from entering private property without permission.

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