2017-02-04 FoTNP Work Event Cedar Creek Falls TNP SectionCedar Creek section of Tamborine National Park is popular destination and has one of the highest visitation rates of any national park in south east Queensland.  It has also been in the news with parking not being adequate for the number of visitors.  While most visitors cannot wait to get to the pools at the bottom of the waterfall, some visitors come to have a quiet picnic and take in the sounds and smells of the forest.  Their visit recharges their feeling of wellbeing and they leave with great memories of Cedar Creek. 


These visitors may not know it but they have just experienced some “forest bathing” or what the Japanese call Shinrin-Yoku.  Devotees of Shinrin-Yoku believe that by quiet reflection when in a forest and by taking in the sounds, smells and the ambiance of the forest, the body can benefit.  It has been reported that by practising the art of Shinrin-Yoku, the heart rate and blood pressure are lowered and stress is reduced which gives the feeling of wellbeing. 

While not practising Shinrin-Yoku, the Friends of Tamborine National Park derive pleasure from working in the rainforest on Tamborine Mountain.  The Friends of Tamborine National Park has taken on the challenge to enhance the visitors’ perception on entering the Cedar Creek section of the national park. 

This will involve the removal of weeds and the planting of rainforest plants endemic to the area.  A start on this project was made last month and will continue until the creek section from the pedestrian bridge to the area in front of the parking area has been eradicated of weeds and replanted. 

If you would like to practise some Shinrin-Yoku or have a passion for things that matter, you could join the group on the first Saturday of the month.  Contact Len Lowry

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