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TM Bush Volunteers

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2016-03-05 TNP - Knoll Section - below Cthe chimney_100Some 150 metres downhill behind the old stone chimney, the remains of Jack’s Cabin, on Knoll Road, Tamborine Mountain, the Friends of Tamborine National Park discovered a wound in the forest about half a hectare in size. Many years ago a forest giant died and made a hole in the rainforest canopy. What’s the problem with that you might ask? Isn’t that just a natural process? Well yes but the problem with this event is that as soon as there is a break in the canopy and enough light on the forest floor, the invasive weed species step in. Lantana and privet are the first to colonise this wound in the forest. The native pioneer plants that would heal the wound and restore the forest to healthy biodiversity do not get a chance. The invasive exotic weeds grow fast and out-compete the native trees. Once lantana has a hold, it stops the natural succession and regeneration of the forest.

2016-03-05 TNP - Knoll Section - below Cthe chimney_101The Friends of Tamborine National Park have reduced the lantana to mulch and have planted the area with native rainforest trees. From time to time there will be work to be done to ensure the rainforest maintains the upper hand. If you would like to “cut up rough” in the rainforest, contact Len.

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Book - The Mistletoes

Mistletoes 230w
Copies of the excellent & definitive “ The Mistletoes of Subtropical Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria” by local authors John Moss & Ross Kendall now on sale at $27.50 from Mike Russell (5545 3601).

Book - TM Flora & Fauna

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TAMBORINE MOUNTAIN FLORA & FAUNA by Russell, Leiper, White, Francis, Hauser, McDonald & Sims is now on sale at local outlets for $15.


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Why does attentiveness to nature matter? In a very fundamental sense, we are what we pay attention to. Paying heed to beauty, grace, and everyday miracles promotes a sense of possibility and coherence that runs deeper and truer than the often illusory commercial, social "realities" advanced by mainstream contemporary culture. ... Our attention is precious, and what we choose to focus it on has enormous consequences. What we choose to look at, and to listen to--these choices change the world. As Thich Nhat Hanh has pointed out, we become the bad television programs that we watch. A society that expends its energies tracking the latest doings of the celebrity couple is fundamentally distinct from one that watches for the first arriving spring migrant birds, or takes a weekend to check out insects in a mountain stream, or looks inside flowers to admire the marvelous ingenuities involved in pollination. The former tends to drag culture down to its lowest commonalities; the latter can lift us up in a sense of unity with all life. The Way of Natural History, edited by Thomas Lowe Fleischner and published by Trinity University Press (Texas)