2010 Nov - TNP - Geissemenn DrThe Tamborine Bush Volunteers have been working on a section of Tamborine National Park which borders Geissmann Drive.  Lantana clearing and revegetating the area with rainforest trees is slowly taking place in the area behind the remnant rainforest.  At our last working bee we were very visible and attracted a lot of interest from the passing traffic.

An area along the roadside in Geissmann Drive was treated recently to remove morning glory and canary creeper and we have started to replant the area.  You can watch this space and monitor how the rainforest can bounce back if given a chance.

The TBV has a long association with Tamborine Mountain and continues to maintain revegetated areas at Pirralilla, MacDonald, Palm Grove, Joalah and The Knoll Sections.

If you would like to get involved with an activity that can make a real difference to the environment and enjoy a chat with a group of friendly people, the Tamborine Bush Volunteers is the group for you.  TBV working bees are held on the first Saturday of each month..  For more information on this project Contact the TBV Coordinator

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