2010 Aug - TNP Joalah Section - National Tree Day GroupNational Tree Day, coordinated by Planet Ark, was celebrated on Tamborine Mountain.  The Tamborine Bush Volunteers supported National Tree Day and did our bit to assist in planting 1 million trees as part of this event.  Our efforts will help create a cleaner and healthier environmental for the next generation.

2010 Aug - TNP Joalah Section - National Tree Day PlantingRainforest trees and shrubs were planted in Joalah, Pirralilla and Macdonald sections of Tamborine National Park.  New members Amy and Abraham from the Gold Coast were photographed showing how it is done.  The Tamborine Bush Volunteers are always looking for new members to create new rainforest areas on the Mountain.

The TBV was formed in March 1988 and has worked continuously since then in maintaining and enhancing all Sections of Tamborine National Park.  The group usually meets on the first Saturday of each month.  Work is varied and members (of all ages) choose tasks to suit their stamina.  The time worked is up to each individual and membership is free.

If you would like to see our projects, visit or join this small band of cheerful workers, you will definitely be made welcome.  Contact the TBV Coordinator

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