2008 Nov - TNP Joalah Section -Our Work team with studentsYou may have noticed a hive of activity at the Dapsang Avenue Eagle Heights entrance to Joalah Section Tamborine National Park.  This has been the work of the Tamborine Bush Volunteers who have been removing lantana, canary creeper and monstera deliciosa and several other garden escapees.  The final planting was undertaken on Saturday 1 November with a good roll-up of members.

Local resident and teacher Christina Rekort-Blundell of the Queensland Academy for Health Sciences on the Gold Coast has encouraged students from the college to join the TBV on this project.  The students are learning more about the environment and participating in community work.  This volunteer work will benefit the students in their studies for the International Baccalaureate Diploma.  Rangers from Queensland Parks and Wildlife have worked alongside the TBV on this project.

The TBV were successful in obtaining a grant from GELITA Australia to assist the group in weed removal and revegetating the national parks on Tamborine Mountain.  The TBV applaud GELITA Australia in supporting community programs which improve the natural environment.

TBV working bees are held on the first Saturday of each month.  The last working bee for 2008 will be on Saturday 6 December and new members are always welcome.  For more information on the group Contact the TBV Coordinator

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