2008 May - TNP Knoll and Pirralilla Sections - Student TeamThe Tamborine Bush Volunteers (TBV) have recently been joined by students from the Queensland Academy for Health Sciences, a high school on the Gold Coast for students in years 10 -12 studying the International Baccalaureate Diploma.  As a part of this diploma, students are required to do Action and Service activities in the local community.

At the TBV April working bee, the students and two parents assisted TBV members by eradicating fish-bone fern and cobblers peg at The Knoll Section in the vicinity of the historic chimney.  The students welcomed the opportunity to work in the great outdoors and were really keen to assist but found they resembled echidnas after “attacking” the cobblers peg.

Apparently the work did not deter the students as they turned up for the May working bee eager to learn the art of planting, to add understory plants to Pirralilla Section.  Ten vines to attract the Richmond Birdwing butterfly, cordylines and native ginger were added to this lush area of rainforest that the TBV have created over a period of twelve years.

In conjunction with the “hands-on” work, the TBV coordinator is encouraging the students to conduct research into a variety of plants.

The TBV meet on the first Saturday of each month.  If you are interested in assisting the group with their projects, please Contact the TBV Coordinator

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