2008 June - TNP Joalah SectionJune 5 marked World Environment Day and the Tamborine Bush Volunteers (TBV) celebrated this day by starting a new project at their June working bee.

The new project is part of Joalah Section of Tamborine National Park.  The area is overgrown with lantana, canary creeper and many other garden escapees.  The area adjoins a plot which was originally cleared and revegetated several years ago by a Green Corp team, QPW officers and the late Trev Morgan.  Students from the Queensland Academy of Health Science, a new member and hardened TBV members commenced the clearing in preparation for revegetation.

The TBV continue to maintain projects at Pirralilla, MacDonald, Palm Grove and The Knoll Sections.

TBV working bees are held on the first Saturday of each month.  New members are always welcome – no membership fees, work at your own pace.  If interested, please Contact the TBV Coordinator

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