Saturday 15th March 2008 . Nooindoobar
Leader Patricia Stockwell
The weather was warm and sunny with a slight breeze. Whilst walking around the dam, it was surprising how few water birds either numbers or species were seen, but we did observe Pacific Black and Plumed Whistling Duck, Australian Grebes, Dusky Moorhen and Purple Swamp hens.
Brown Honeyeaters were calling and we had good sightings of a Rufous Whistler bowing to a female, White throated Honeyeaters feeding their family, and a calling White throated Gerygone. The bird for the day had to be Speckled Warbler; and we sighted 3 in the dry habitat passed the dam.
Morning tea was taken under the welcome shade of some trees overlooking the dam.
Next stop was the Beaudesert Racing Course, where, along the watercourse we had good sightings of Plumed Whistling ducks with various stages of young. Also with young were Australian Grebes, Pacific Black and Wood ducks. Additionally we observed White-breasted Wood Swallows, Superb Blue Fairy Wrens, Silver Eyes, Yellow- Rumped Thornbill, a Wedge-tailed Eagle, King Parrot and White Ibis.
During our lunch we were entertained by Double-barred Finches building nests in a Bunya Pine tree, and on closer observation we counted nine nests in one tree.
Our final stop was Fred Bucholz Park, where again there where Wood duck and Australian  Grebes with young, Black winged stilts, Intermediate and Little Egrets, Grey Teal, Black Swan, Little Pied. cormorant, White Ibis, Coot, Moorhen and Magpie Lark, Soaring above us on the strong thermals was a Little Eagle which reminded me that my husband was soaring with the Eagles at the Boonah Gliding Club and that it was time I went home and prepared his evening meal. All in all a good days birding.
Patricia Stockwell

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