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 Notices on Our Content: Member Protected Content,  Walk Acess Restrictions may apply.

Scenic Rim Biodiversity Strategy Submissions

2015 20 25 Draft BiodiversityStrategy sThe Scenic Rim is an international biodiversity hotspot containing World Heritage Areas, National Parks and nationally, regionally and locally significant biodiversity. However there are also pressures of population growth, urban sprawl, land degradation, habitat removal and changing climatic conditions.

To manage these issues and protect biodiversity Council is developing a Biodiversity Strategy that will inform Council in its planning and operational activities, initiatives, targets and policies. Council is inviting public comment on the draft Scenic Rim Biodiversity Strategy which is a 10 year plan for the conservation of biodiversity in the region and articulates Councils vision for our region’s biodiversity. Feedback is invited during the consultation period concluding COB 30 June 2015.

You can obtain a printed copy from customer service centres or view or download from http://www.scenicrim.qld.gov.au/have-your-say

Submissions can be in writing Biodiversity Strategy Submission, c/- CEO, SRRC, PO Box 25, Beaudesert, QLD 4285. Submissions can be emailed Quoting Biodiversity Strategy to mail [AT] scenicrim [DOT] qld [DOT] gov [DOT] au or via the Have Your Say portal on Council’s website.

Tamborine Mountain Flora and Fauna

tm-flora-faunabook-smlTAMBORINE MOUNTAIN FLORA & FAUNA by Russell, Leiper, White, Francis, Hauser, McDonald & Sims is now on sale at local outlets for $15.

It is an excellent introduction to the natural history of this very biodiverse place – Tamborine Mountain, and follows on from the booklet published in 1988 (A Natural History of Tamborine Mountain).

The ten most important communities (regional ecosystems) on Tamborine Mountain are described with photos and include photos of unusual animals found in each.

Tamborine National Park has a number of sections on the mountain and readers are introduced to these, their locations, and the regional ecosystems that they encompass.

As a scientific study the book is the definitive description of the flora and fauna of Tamborine Mountain based on observations and more than 50 surveys over the past few decades. This data is in appendices for the benefit of scientists.  For the general reader they are there simply for reference.

The authors include top experts in flora and fauna identification.

Upcoming Events - Bird Group


Bird Walks for 2017:

Outings for February 2017
Wed  1st  -  Bird Meeting 4pm at the Historical Soc in Wongawallan Rd
                     John W will show us photos taken on his trips to Lord Howe and 
                     Norfolk Islands and also North Queensland.

Wed  8th  - Monthly Bird Walk to Beechmont or Binna Burra - leaders Marg & Jeff
                    It will be a 6am start from the Visitor Information Centre (VIC) car park,
                    Nth Tamborine.  More details will be available after the bird meeting

Outings for March 2017
Wed  1st  -  Bird Meeting 4pm at the Historical Soc in Wongawallan Rd

Wed  8th  - Monthly Bird Walk to Numinbah Valley - leader Gail
                    6am start from the Visitor Information Centre (VIC) car park, 
                    Nth Tamborine.  More details will be available at the bird meeting

Outings for April 2017
Wed  5th  -  Bird Meeting 4pm at the Historical Soc in Wongawallan Rd
                     Jeff will show a brief video of last months bird walk and some footage 
                     taken on a recent short trip with john & Gill to Girraween and Oxley
                     Wild Rivers NP; great views of the Spotted Quail-thrush, the elusive species
                     we tried 
to locate on the Birdgroup Campout at Cherrabah last year.

Wed  12th  - Monthly Bird Walk to Lost World - leader Julie 
                    Meet 6am at the Visitor Information Centre (VIC) car park, Nth Tamborine
                    May also bird Darlington Park, and Biddadabah dams on way home.  
                           Should be home by 3pm.
 More details available at the bird meeting.

Outings for May 2017
Wed  3rd  -  Bird Meeting 4pm at the Historical Soc in Wongawallan Rd
                      Everyone enjoyed the Quiz, so we will keep it on the agenda.
                      We all learnt some facts about the birds that members chose to talk about.
Wed  10th  - Monthly Bird Walk Aratula to Gatton - leaders Marg & Jeff
                    It will be a 6am start from the Visitor Information Centre (VIC) car park,
                    Nth Tamborine.  More details will be available after the bird meeting

Outings for June 2017
Wed  7th  -  Bird Meeting 4pm at the Historical Soc in Wongawallan Rd
                      We will have a bird quiz as usual and Bird facts.
Mon  12th- 15th No Monthly Bird Walk as its our Albert Lyre Bird Survey all week.


All materials on this site are copyright protected by its author. Excluding our own non-text media, text content may be re-published with attribution to "Tamborine Mountain Natural History Association Inc www.naturalhistory.org.au" and the author if indicated for that content in the website.


Nature Walks on Tamborine Mountain

Learning about nature on the mountainbuterfly113

The Tamborine Mountain NHA nature walks are short walks on Tamborine Mountain to discover local nature in birds, animals, insects, plants, fungi and general natural history. They are usually held once a month meeting at the Visitor Information Centre (Map) and finishing between 10 a.m and Noon. Bring binoculars, cameras, insect repellent, a drink and something for morning tea.

Our Walk Reports

The nature walk reports here may indicate Report in Progress where it may take some time to complete the report awaiting feedback to establish species names. They remain displayed for photos and other information which may be useful to some readers in the meantime.

  • Upcoming Events - notified by email if you request addition to the email group via the Contact Us Form here. 
  • In the report articles, if you click on the images you will get a larger pop-up image display. Images used in the reports are also added to the Web Gallery here

  • For older reports the "Preview" box opens a pop-up of the PDF version of the report that you can download with the menu link at its top right.  Or you can see and download all PDF files of Nature Walk PDF reports here.

  • The list of noted species is at the base of the report or its own Tab in more recent reports. Green linked words take you to Wikipedia for those words but not all species details are available there.

  • Eventually, all noted species will be added to our Observations records in our Web Database. (No link yet as currently restricted access but hopefully members can access later this year)

  • Visit our Map of our walk reports where clicking on a place marker gives a pop-up introduction and link to the report and a directions finder box.caterpillabug102


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Quick Info

Our list of quick general information on Tamborine Mountain Natural History matters:

(Our website contains substantially more data in articles, photos, mapping, and videos along with species and location database records. However, their quantity is best displayed on a larger screen than a mobile device and where you do not have additional data charges from your internet provider. Our longer term goal is put more of this infoprmation in a Mobile App for extended mobile access.)


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Injured Wildlife

   Wildcare SEQ



Animal Control

Book - The Mistletoes

Mistletoes 230w
Copies of the excellent & definitive “ The Mistletoes of Subtropical Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria” by local authors John Moss & Ross Kendall now on sale at $27.50 from Mike Russell (5545 3601).

Book - TM Flora & Fauna

tm flora  fauna book cover 1 20140720 1523868399
TAMBORINE MOUNTAIN FLORA & FAUNA by Russell, Leiper, White, Francis, Hauser, McDonald & Sims is now on sale at local outlets for $15.


Photo Gallery Tree

Random Images - Birdos

  • groupviewing
  • Superb Fairy Wren
  • 2009 08 beeeater ss
  • 2009 11 marbled frogmouth 2

Why does attentiveness to nature matter? In a very fundamental sense, we are what we pay attention to. Paying heed to beauty, grace, and everyday miracles promotes a sense of possibility and coherence that runs deeper and truer than the often illusory commercial, social "realities" advanced by mainstream contemporary culture. ... Our attention is precious, and what we choose to focus it on has enormous consequences. What we choose to look at, and to listen to--these choices change the world. As Thich Nhat Hanh has pointed out, we become the bad television programs that we watch. A society that expends its energies tracking the latest doings of the celebrity couple is fundamentally distinct from one that watches for the first arriving spring migrant birds, or takes a weekend to check out insects in a mountain stream, or looks inside flowers to admire the marvelous ingenuities involved in pollination. The former tends to drag culture down to its lowest commonalities; the latter can lift us up in a sense of unity with all life. The Way of Natural History, edited by Thomas Lowe Fleischner and published by Trinity University Press (Texas)