Black-shouldered KiteFor birdwatchers, it is interesting to return to areas previously visited and at the same time of year, for comparison. In June 2012, our bird outing to Gatton was very rewarding with 88 species recorded and this year it certainly wasn’t disappointing with 80 species.
Eight members - Pat, Delle, Gail, Dawn, Susan, John, Jeff, Marg, and Toby who met us at the Gatton Campus, had a beautiful day birding the Gatton area. Two cars loaded with keen birdos left the mountain at 6am. Pat took her car and did a wonderful job keeping up with Jeff.  We covered quite a lot of ground following the same route as last year, starting at Aratula Boonah Information Centre, then birding along the Rosewood/Aratula Road stopping several times.

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