Bird walk Saturday 19th July 2008

The July walk was to Witches Falls and although cold it was dry and sunny. By 7 am the Albert's Lyrebirds were calling and didn't stop until after 9.30. We think that we positivly identified 4 different birds calling. We had some good views of Log-runners, White-browed and large- billed Scrub wrens in addition to Striated Pardalotes and Golden Whistlers. The small Brown Thornbills were extremly vocal this morning and we were pleased to be able to see quite a few of them.



The Morton Bay Fig trees are now quite full of figs which, although not quite ripe, were providing a small flock of Figbirds a good meal and at the same time we heard a Woopoo Pigeon calling its distictinctive sound.


After walking around Witches Falls we decided to make a quick call in at Palm Grove and although we saw very much the same species of birds we were very pleased to have splendid views of two Catbirds which were both calling


As always a good bird watching day

Pat Stockwell

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