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Mistaken identity - Cane Toads and Brown Frogs

Cane toads were released into the cane fields of Far North Queensland in 1935, supposedly to eat pest beetles, although it failed as a biological control agent it succeeded in becoming a major environmental pest. Its tolerance of a wide range of diets and conditions, plus its prolific breeding (a female cane toad may lay up to 40,000 eggs each season) has facilitated its relentless spread across Australia, including to Tamborine Mountain.

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Ocean waves and Tsunami – a comparison

The great magnitude of the recent Japanese earthquake, its shallowness and proximity to the Japanese coast produced large tsunami ranging from 4-15 metres high. While these are very high waves, there are a number of locations throughout the world where higher waves regularly occur.  The surf break 800 metres from the north shore of Maui, known as Jaws, a favourite place for big wave surfers, has recorded waves of 21 metres, yet these high waves do not damage the island.

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Myrtle Rust

Two of our major environmental pests, cane toads and fire ants, originate in South America and unfortunately another is to be added to this list – myrtle rust.

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Liquefaction in Christchurch

On 22 February 2011 Christchurch experienced a magnitude 6.3 earthquake that extensively damaged infrastructure and buildings and devastated the city’s historic CBD. The most tragic aspect of this event was the death and injury of hundreds of victims and the terrible grief, hardship and anxiety suffered by the city’s population.

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The winter nomad – Reindeer / Caribou


At Christmas, deer suddenly become very popular animals. As well as seeing deer on cards and decorations, local residents may also observe real deer that have escaped from deer farms, occasionally wandering over Tamborine Mountain, and the surrounding foothills.

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Injured Wildlife

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Random Images - NHA

  • 2013-07-13 Albert River Circuit
  • Description: Bushwalking in SE Qld
  • 2017-02-18 Contour1 - Sicyos australis - Star Cucumber
  • 2016-03-12 Coomera Circuit_119
  • Description: Bushwalking in SE Qld
  • 2012-08-11 West Canungra Creek
  • Description: Bushwalking in SE Qld

Why does attentiveness to nature matter? In a very fundamental sense, we are what we pay attention to. Paying heed to beauty, grace, and everyday miracles promotes a sense of possibility and coherence that runs deeper and truer than the often illusory commercial, social "realities" advanced by mainstream contemporary culture. ... Our attention is precious, and what we choose to focus it on has enormous consequences. What we choose to look at, and to listen to--these choices change the world. As Thich Nhat Hanh has pointed out, we become the bad television programs that we watch. A society that expends its energies tracking the latest doings of the celebrity couple is fundamentally distinct from one that watches for the first arriving spring migrant birds, or takes a weekend to check out insects in a mountain stream, or looks inside flowers to admire the marvelous ingenuities involved in pollination. The former tends to drag culture down to its lowest commonalities; the latter can lift us up in a sense of unity with all life. The Way of Natural History, edited by Thomas Lowe Fleischner and published by Trinity University Press (Texas)