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formerly Bush Volunteers

Macdonald Section

First worked in this area in 1989

  • Paved with concrete pavers around picnic table.

  • Cleared an “L” shaped area near the shelter shed of lantana, tobacco bush, Chinese elm and exotic ginger and replanted and maintained the area. This area also needed the removal of household rubbish and an old fence. This area was revisited later to clear the boundary with the adjoining property of fishbone fern, privet, honeysuckle, ochna, spider lily, asparagus fern and Chinese elm.

  • Reformed the loop track and carted road base to some of the wet and eroded sections.

  • Erected posts with name plates to identify trees along the path.

  • Cut sleepers from an old fallen bollygum and built bridges over small creeks. Replaced these bridges at a later date with treated hardwood bridges.

  • Track maintenance and reformed the water bars for the entire loop track

  • Removed exotic ginger from either side of the entire loop track.

  • Cleared the Council Reserve behind the roofed sign at the park entrance of lantana, climbing asparagus, Chinese elm, privet and exotic ginger and replanted and maintained the reserve.

  • Cleared a narrow access strip between 32 and 34 Wongawallan Road of weed species and replanted the area.

  • Ongoing maintenance and weed control of the three revegetated plots.

Joalah Section

First worked in this area in 1989

  • Removed branches from a fallen tree at the viewing platform at the bottom of Curtis Falls and cleared weeds from the top of the falls.

  • Using wheel barrows, moved road base from Tamborine Village – Tamborine Mountain Road to reform the track to the concrete arch bridge.

  • Track maintenance and lantana, mist weed and potato vine clearing on the track verges.

  • Track maintenance and reforming the water bars on all tracks.

  • Installed signage for a self-guided walk along the track.

  • Lantana clearing and removing garden rubbish from an area behind the Council toilets in Dapsang Avenue. Replanted this area in September 2008.

  • Ongoing maintenance and weed control of the revegetated area.

  • Oiled bollards and a post and rail fence around a revegetated plot - April 2013

Cedar Creek Section

 First worked in this area 1989

  • Laid a section of bitumen track from the car park leading to the Cedar Creek Falls.

  • Using wheel-barrows, moved road base and spread along track.

  • Cleared the area around the picnic area and along the creek of lantana and general rubbish.

Beacon Road TBV Base

First worked in this area in May 2011

  • Built a toilet building and installed a Nature Loo with solar panel and electrics.

  • Installed two rainwater tanks and associated plumbing.

  • Installed a solar panel, pump and electrics for an irrigation system.

  • Installed sprinklers and piping to propagation house and igloo shade house.

  • Planting of shrubs.

  • General maintenance.

Tamborine Bush Volunteers Moving In

TBV tool shed key handoverThe Tamborine Bush Volunteers (TBV) are moving in.  The TBV have been regenerating sections of Tamborine National Park for 23 years.  Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service has provided a toolshed on leased land in Beacon Road, North Tamborine for the group to store tools and equipment.  The toolshed is the first step in re-establishing the group’s rainforest nursery to continue propagation of rainforest plants for national park regeneration. This was an activity the group was involved in at the old Knoll Road QPWS site for 13 years.

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"Kath Dobbie's" and Tamborine Bush Volunteers

1996 - TNP Pirralilla Section  - Kath DobbieThe Kath Dobbie section of Tamborine National Park was gifted to the National Park by the late Miss Kath Dobbie on October 7, 1978.  This section, on the corner of Long and Macdonnell Roads, is 3.763ha in area and at that time consisted of mainly relatively pristine rainforest except on the southern side where there was a border of lantana and approximately .5ha of mown kikuyu where Kath Dobbie and her sister once grew cut flowers for commercial production.

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Working in the National Parks

1991 TNP Palm Grove SectionThe role of groups such as the Tamborine Bush Volunteers is becoming more and more important as funding for national parks continues to decline in relation to area managed and the responsibilities of rangers.  Tamborine National Park is increasing in size (there have been several additions over the last five years), visitor numbers are increasing and the small, separate sections of the Park require constant work on weeds, tracks, etc.

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Would you like to give a hand?

1990 TNP McDonald - Track and BridgesThe Tamborine Mt. Volunteers are on the job again helping out John Johnstone’s overstretched National Park staff.  Of course all of us may not be up to carrying big logs, but there are lots of other ways of helping.  Someone has to rake out drains, knock down grass overhanging the tracks, pot new plants for areas where lantana has been cut out.  Yes even picking up beer bottles in Cedar Creek N.P.

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FoTNP News

Formerly Bush Volunteers

Article Count:
TBV Work Sites

TBV affiliated with National Parks Association of Queensland Inc. in 2002 and has continued this affiliation.

All projects undertaken by TBV are approved by QPWS (Gold Coast Management Unit) and the TBV has a close working relationship with these rangers and staff. The TBV has been self-managed since April 2006.

The TBV has been represented at all National Park Days since 1989 and has hosted some of these functions with the Tamborine Mountain Natural History Association Inc.

The TBV and Tamborine Mountain Landcare have worked cooperatively on two projects at Main Street, North Tamborine and Macdonnell Road, Eagle Heights.

Article Count:

Birdo events at this link

okoaraInjured Wildlife

Wildcare SEQ (07) 5527 2444

RSPCA / DEHP Brisbane - Gold Coast

1300 ANIMAL (1300264625)

Elsewhere in Australia

Feral Animal Control

Wildlife Neighbourhoods Video



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Book - Mistletoes of Subtropical Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria

Mistletoes 230w














Copies of the excellent & definitive “ The Mistletoes of Subtropical Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria” by local authors John Moss & Ross Kendall now on sale at $27.50 from Mike Russell (5545 3601).

Book - Flora and Fauna of Tamborine Mountain

tm flora  fauna book cover 1 20140720 1523868399

TAMBORINE MOUNTAIN FLORA & FAUNA by Russell, Leiper, White, Francis, Hauser, McDonald & Sims is now on sale at local outlets for $15.  

. More Details Link

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Why does attentiveness to nature matter? In a very fundamental sense, we are what we pay attention to. Paying heed to beauty, grace, and everyday miracles promotes a sense of possibility and coherence that runs deeper and truer than the often illusory commercial, social "realities" advanced by mainstream contemporary culture. ... Our attention is precious, and what we choose to focus it on has enormous consequences. What we choose to look at, and to listen to--these choices change the world. As Thich Nhat Hanh has pointed out, we become the bad television programs that we watch. A society that expends its energies tracking the latest doings of the celebrity couple is fundamentally distinct from one that watches for the first arriving spring migrant birds, or takes a weekend to check out insects in a mountain stream, or looks inside flowers to admire the marvelous ingenuities involved in pollination. The former tends to drag culture down to its lowest commonalities; the latter can lift us up in a sense of unity with all life. The Way of Natural History, edited by Thomas Lowe Fleischner and published by Trinity University Press (Texas)